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2020, Coralie Bellefroid, Développement d'un nouveau système d'administration combinant des nanovecteurs lipidiques adaptés à l'administration de plasmides et des microaiguilles en vue de traiter des cancers cutanés non-mélanomes

2017, Reatul Karim, Design of nanocarriers to deliver small hydrophobic molecules for glioblastoma treatment

2017, Aude Pestieau, Evaluation of oral bioavailability enhancement of a BCS class II compound formulated with a supercritical CO2 process

2016, Justine Thiry, Development of a continuous hot melt extrusion process for manufacturing solid oral dosage forms containing a BCS II drug

2016, Tania Furst, Développement d'un système matriciel permettant la délivrance topique et prolongée de vecteurs d'acides nucléiques pour le traitement des cancers par HPV

2016, Anna Lechanteur, Développement et optimisation de nanovecteurs de type lipoplexes pour une application vaginale en vue de traiter des lésions induites par HPV

2016, Antoine Frère, Développement de vecteurs polymères de type polyplexes à base de nouveaux polymères cationiques biodégradables de type polycarbonates et de siRNA dirigés spécifiquement contre des histones déacétylases

2016,Grégory Thoorens, Correlating manufacturing conditions and physicochemical properties with microcrystalline cellulose functionality in direct compression.

2015, Gilles Defour, Cyclodextrins interests in the formulation of antiasthmatic pharmaceutical preparations.

2014, Fabrice Krier, Development and tune up of production method of intraperitoneal implant for the treatment of endometriosis.

2012, Hermine ZIME GANI married name DIAWARA, Interest of cyclodextrins in the development of galenic forms based on crude extracts of Artesimia Annua for the treatment of uncomplicated malaria, Thesis defended on January 19, 2012 at the University of Abomey, Benin.

2011, Emilie Ducat, Development of a new formulation for the administration of oncoproteins antagonist peptides for the treatment of breast cancer.

2011, Aline Gillet, Study of the interest of the encapsulation in deformable liposomes of active molecule-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes for the purpose of a dermatological application.

2010, Vincent Dehousse, Development of chitosan-based RNA interference vector systems.

2010, Michaël Brion, Interest of supercritical fluids in the development of pharmaceutical forms based on active substances with low aqueous solubility.

2009, Castagne Delphine, Study of the interactions between cyclodextrins and liposomal or biological membranes.

2007, Cedric Bodson, Segregation and compaction of powders and granular materials, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

2007, Severine Jaspart, Development and evaluation of solid lipid microparticle for the development of galenic formulation for the preparation for inhalation sustained release, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

2006, Valéry Barillaro, Study of the inclusion of miconazole in cyclodextrins using supercritical carbon dioxide: galenic aspects and molecular modeling.

2005, Pascal Bertholet, Interest of cyclodextrins in the galenic development of Ro-2826-53 based pulmonary formulations, an inhibitor of matrix metalloprotease.

2004, Sandrine Henry de Hasonville, Study of the influence of the interaction between cyclodextrins and cyproterone acetate on the skin penetration.

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