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Utilization of "drug carriers" (liposomes, lipid and polymeric nano particles) for the vectorization, the improvement of bioavailability or the development of sustained release forms :

Study of the pulmonary route potential: development of different vectors (IPS, nanoemulsions, liposomes, solid lipid nanoparticles) for topical or systemic administration.

Study of the vaginal route potential.

Optimization of 2nd and 3rd generation vectors (stealth liposomes or with biomolecular recognition).

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Technological and biopharmaceutical aspects of increasing the aqueous solubility of active compounds :

Cyclodextrin-API inclusion complexes :

  • Highlighting the inclusion, biopharmaceutics impact, study of complex manufacturing process,…
  • Study of interactions between CD and biological membranes: study of toxicity on pulmonary/bronchi cells and in vivo studies, …

Solide dispersions

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Design and evaluation of modified release dosage forms (accelerated, sustained or delayed) :

Development of multi-materials able to release multiple active molecules according to different release kinetics.

Utilization of supercritical fluid for :

  • Formulation of biocompatible microparticles.
  • Inclusion of active molecules in cyclodextrins.
  • Implementation of different polymers.

Development of sustained release forms for vaginal and uterine routes.

Development of sustained release implants.

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Galenical optimization, innovation and control of manufacturing processes :

Implementation of design of experiments, process analytical technology (PAT), manufacturing processes in supercritical media, hot melt extrusion

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Utilization of drug carriers (liposomes, lipid and polymeric micro[KR1] particles) for the vectorization, improved bioavailability or the development of sustained release forms.

 [KR1]only micro? no nano?