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Quality System

The Department of Pharmacy, in wich LTPB is a member, has been GMP certified for quality control in June 2014.

Moreover, the LTPB is certified under ISO 17025 under the terms of an approval by the Federal Agency for Medecines and Health Products (FAMHP) for pharmaceutical technical procedures. Analyses performed by the LTPB are carried out in accordance with the quality system established in the Department of Pharmacy. (Procedures, equipment qualification, internal and external audits,...)



Quality management in a research environment is essential to ensure an easy transfer of research results to industrial applications. Of course, we must find the appropriate balance enabling compliance of quality control standards while not preventing creativity.

Researchers progressing in such an environment quickly acquire a work experience in accordance with a quality system.

More importantly, the implementation of a quality assurance system in a research environment, leads to reliable research results allowing esaiser value-creation and industrial transfer.